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3 Keys to Intimacy in Relationships

Developing and maintaining intimacy in a sacred partnership can be challenging at times. This is especially true for women who secretly (or not so secretly) crave depth in their relationship and see relationships as a powerful medium for spiritual growth.

Intimacy and passion are something my husband and I are always aware of in our relationship. We love the play and the dance of intimacy. We honor the push-pull dynamic that is ever-present in intimacy as we explore our readiness to go deeper and grow more with each other.

But let me tell you…it’s not always easy. In fact, it rarely is easy. It takes a committed effort from both of us to maintain intimacy in passion in our relationship. How do we do it?

Take a look…

Now it’s your turn…

For those of you in a relationships currently, which of the 3 keys could use your attention the most right now?

For all the single ladies, look back at your past relationships and where they went wrong. Which of the keys was missing in your past relationship?

Share your answers in the comments below.

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  1. I love the information in this video. It is a great reminder of the potential for rich depth in intimacy and how to maintain and support intimacy in relationship. These keys are integral aspects of how Shalvah and I keep our dance with one another sacred and whole, and I am continually amazed and in awe of the satisfaction and gratitude I feel for using relationship as an opportunity for deeper love and spiritual growth. I highly recommend you check this one out!

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