Building Self-Confidence Through Faith

There was once a time in my life where I felt like life was holding me back. I knew I had a rare gift to share with the world and I knew I needed to share it. Yet, despite all my efforts, I kept falling short of breaking through that block.

After a while of feeling stuck, I began to realize what was stopping me from sharing my light.

I wasn’t confident in myself.

I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t fully believe in my gifts. I was my worst critic.

So what changed?

The moment of change came when I saw a bigger picture than this small sense of “I” that needed to change the world.

I saw the deep beauty that contains all of life.

I experienced the pulse, the breath behind this reality.

I felt the essence of life that connects us all.

This might have you wondering …what catalyzed this experience?

I saw a bigger picture than this small sense of “I” that needed to change the world.
The answer? Meditation and FAITH.

Deeply exploring and building my faith at a heart level unlocked a deeper wisdom within—a wisdom beyond my sense of “self” that needed to feel confident, and it can do the same for you.

There are 3 levels to faith:
  1. Everything comes from God.
  2. Everything God does is for the best.
  3. Everything God does is for your personal best.

Knowing these 3 levels of faith and applying them in your daily life, especially during challenging times, can serve as a great support system for you both now and for the rest of your life.

Many people believe “everything happens for a reason”. This is another way of describing the second level of faith. I invite you to go even deeper than that by recognizing that every little detail in your life, big or small, positive or negative, is for your personal best.

This means the situations life brings you, the challenges you are facing, the pain you may be experiencing is all there for your spiritual growth and development.

How awesome is that?

This tiny shift in perspective can help ease the pain of almost any situation when you hold the faith that whatever is happening is actually the best thing that could possibly be happening for you!

This may feel like a stretch, especially in challenging life circumstances where we may be experiencing loss of one kind or another, such as a death or a change in our home life or work life.

The beauty of having faith is it asks you to stretch bigger than yourself. It requires you to put energy into something larger than your ego.

By putting the energy of complete trust out into the universe that whatever is happening is for your best, it becomes much easier to live life with a sense of true confidence and certainty.

Not a certainty that you know it all or have all the answers. No. A certainty that you are an integral part of something much greater than any one individual.

Faith asks you to stretch bigger than yourself.
You are a part of a grand and beautiful mind that is far beyond our comprehension. And that mind, that force, is pure beauty.

True Beauty contains everything.

Beauty contains life, death, sweetness, sadness, anger, magic, light, darkness, love, hatred, forgiveness, depression, hope, ecstasy, bliss…

…Beauty contains everything.

As do you!

Every aspect of your life is a reflection of beauty in all its different faces and expressions.

Tap into this beauty and all your past concerns about self-confidence melt into a sacred experience of wonderment and awe; you experience a deep feeling of connectedness with life.

So embrace the beauty that surrounds you. It is all there is.

twitterEvery little detail in your life, big or small, positive or negative, is there for your spiritual growth. @ShalvahOrah

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