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Dancing Inward™ is a free-form conscious dance practice that blends aspects of ecstatic, trance, and meditative dance into a movement experience that ignites self-exploration, a profound sense of freedom, inner peace, and deep healing on all levels. Unique in its approach, Dancing Inward™ integrates movement, music, and mantra to create a sound healing experience designed to enhance vibrational frequency and elevate consciousness.

The Dance

The Movement

Blending elements of ecstatic, trance, and meditative dance, Dancing Inward™ encourages the use of repetitive motion as a tool for learning how to let go of the thinking mind so deeper levels of consciousness may be explored without self-consciousness or judgment. Repetition provides a container for the mind to fully let go and journey into deeper levels of the subconscious. This often opens a doorway for moments of deep healing and transformation.

Dancing Inward™ teaches that every movement (internal or external) is an opportunity for the expression of Consciousness through form. The merging of these two worlds (Consciousness and form) is where the creative expression comes alive. It is also the place where our own inner light is activated and amplified.

As every expression of Consciousness is unique, every movement is also original to each dancer. Dancing Inward™ provides a safe container for participants to express through movement in whatever way they choose. This freedom of movement provides a paradoxical unstructured structure that Dancing Inward™ participants come to love.

The Music

Dancing Inward™ is a conscious dance practice designed to take you on a transformational journey into yourself. The music facilitates this journey by carrying you through five distinct, yet seamless transitions called The 5 Progressions. These progressions set the stage for each dancer to go deep within using the power of sound, rhythm, and breath.

Developed specifically for Dancing Inward™, the music used contains a wide range of textures, sounds, rhythms, and energies all designed to evoke and explore different aspects and layers of yourself. The music pushes limits and bends rules, opening avenues for you to explore and question your identity, your attachments, and ultimately—who you truly are.

The Mantra

Mantra is a Sanskrit word that means sacred sound. All sounds carry a specific frequency, and some frequencies are more healing and uplifting than others. Using this awareness, people in all areas of the world have used mantras for thousands of years to assist with meditation, healing, prayer, and ritual.

Dancing Inward™ uses the ancient Hebrew mantra: יהוה (pronounced “Yod Hey Wah Hey”), which translates to mean “I Am That I Am” or “I will become what I already am.” The vibration of this mantra tunes you into the truth of who you are beyond time, space, or even the concept of “I-AMness” (your sense of self).

The power of this Chaitanya (activated) mantra is discussed before class and is offered as a tool to use during The Dance for those who feel called to use it. No one is required to use the mantra; it is completely optional.

The Breath

Breath is a powerful tool for transforming energy. In Dancing Inward™ we utilize the power of the breath to connect to the multi-dimensional aspects of our being.

Breath has the power to tap into our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of being. It can also facilitate the merging and balancing of these different aspects of ourselves so we feel more connected, aligned, and aware.

Dancing Inward™ teaches a specific use of the breath that aligns the breath with different energy points along the spine. The combination of this breath and spinal awareness helps to open energy channels in the body, which can facilitate the removal of physical or emotional blocks.

The breath pattern Dancing Inward™ teaches also helps to merge the heart and the mind, bringing balance to our rational, intuitive, and emotional levels of awareness.

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