Exponential Spiritual Growth

Shalvah truly shines the light of the Divine. With compassion and wisdom, Shalvah serves as both a guide and role model. This past year has been one of exponential spiritual awakening for me. I attribute much of this growth to my work with Shalvah.

In each session she creates and holds safe, sacred space, meeting me right where I am, shining her light so that I can find my way forward. She holds me with gently kindness, sees and addresses patterns that I overlook, and is an honest and loving mirror that I may see my best self. Her knowledge helps my understanding, her light helps me see. Her focused presence and spiritual guidance is a treasured blessing in my life.

Jess Adlin

She helped me get out of my head and into my heart

My session with Shalvah was very helpful. She gave me time to explain the blocks and challenges in my life at this current moment. Then, she intuitively checked in, explaining where I was physically holding onto stress in my body and how to release it by focusing and breathing into other specific areas of my body.

She also helped me get out of my head and more into my heart space to become more receptive. She was spot on. Recently it had crossed my mind about my physical tension in my shoulders and also the need to be more receptive. Yet, I did not know how to create the stress release and receptivity I desired. Shalvah validated these intuitive thoughts I was already having and this helped me feel more confident and directed.

She also gave me great advice so I could start applying it in my life. Shalvah helped me find balance in my cloudy head of thoughts. I definitely recommend Shalvah as an intuitive guide for helping others wanting to achieve a more balanced state of being!

Allie McFee
Raw Food Chef

My heart was screaming for answers...

Shalvah is awesome! I wasn’t sure of what a ‘spiritual mentor’ did, all I knew was that I had a lot of questions about a lot of things! I was raised Catholic. In College I read different philosophies/theologies/theories… then I sort of forgot about the 'spiritual side' of things… and later on, my mind was asking questions and my heart was screaming for answers. Things like: living in the present while understanding and letting go of the past, planning for the future with hope and courage knowing that there are no guarantees, raising level of awareness (body, mind and spirit), and understanding life with all its blessings and challenges as a precious opportunity for personal growth in all areas… and what is Spirit really?

So, who could I ask? Ideally someone who’d be open to all sorts of questions, with no bias or ‘preference’ for specific religious teachings… someone who would be able to help me to phrase the questions or experiences when I didn’t even know how… well, that has been Shalvah for me.  She’s not the type of counselor that will listen to you and then say “… and how does that make you feel?…" She listens and she helps me to come up with my own answers, but she also TALKS! (a lot!).  She is a true teacher. I look forward to many more conversations with her!


She helped me understand myself...

I went to see Shalvah knowing I had a lot to talk about, but not quite sure what was going to come up. Upon meeting her I immediately felt at ease and knew I was in a safe space. Her nurturing and caring approach allowed me to open up in a way I seldom do, and so much was released even after just one session.

Shalvah is almost angelic-like. I never felt judged—only understood, and she helped me to understand myself more than I ever could have expected. She has a very light-hearted and easygoing approach, which I loved. She is also highly intuitive. She gave me tips and tools to use in pursuing my dreams, and she is such an inspiration. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to connect with their true self or is wanting to explore their spirituality.


This changed the course of my life...

Speaking with Shalvah changed the course of my life. When I first saw her, I was so completely emotionally drained. I had lost the energy needed to continue to build my life. Shalvah gave me hope. She listened to me with an open heart and an open mind as I poured my heart out to her. She gave me the most valuable tools and tips that I will carry with me forever. She taught me how to love again. I recommend her to anyone and everyone.


I gained clarity and peace within myself...

Shalvah's spiritual guidance helped me greatly at a very difficult time in my life. With great kindness, compassion, and non-judgement, Shalvah encouraged me to ask myself some tough and important questions. With sincerity and honesty, she provided wisdom and insight that was rooted in her devoted personal practice and love for God.

With Shalvah's help I was able to gain greater clarity and peace with myself, as well as a deeper understanding of my situation and how to move forward. Under Shalvah's direction, I was ultimately able to re-align with my own compass and that was the greatest grace.

Katie C.

She helped me see myself...

Shalvah listens deeply and speaks profoundly. Her ability to sit in a place of non-judgment and offer compassionate, effective counsel is a rare gift. She has sat with me through my darkest passages and held aloft the soft light of her loving wisdom for me to see myself and to remember 'there is only God'.


I learned to love myself...

The wisdom, beauty, and bliss that emanates from Shalvah made my experience so sacred and enlightening.  Shalvah lead me into my own heart, helping me to dig deeper into what I truly desired. Through my work with her I'm learning more and more each day to fall in love with myself. I recommend you experience Shalvah's grace, giving, and intuitiveness - it is unlike an experience you've had before - It is magic!


I healed from the inside out...

I was going through a life changing experience.  My heart ached, my body ached, and my mind ached.  I knew this life changing experience was for my own personal best but in order to avoid having continuous breakdowns, I needed to speak with someone and it needed to be the "right" person.  It seemed when I would talk to family or close friends they would feed into my despair and hold me in the place as a victim.

Shalvah knew what I was going through and always kept a door open for me if I needed it.  With great appreciation, I accepted her open invitation.  Shalvah's support served as a vessel for me to listen to the answers within myself.  She never over-powered my intuition, nor did she impose answers to my suffering.  Shalvah supported me by truly listening and encouraging me to accept that "Everything God Does is For My Personal Best."   Her gentle guidance was practical and her encouragement was warmly accepted.  Through working with Shalvah, I was able to heal from the inside out.  Through this experience, I have been able to let go of any attachment to how I think life should work.  I have found my own internal strength, and for that my life has authentically expanded. Thank you for your support.


You provided a safe space for me to open up...

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me. I really appreciate your kindness, direction, and focus you gave me regarding my hopes and needs. You helped me gain clarity on many areas of my life where I had been struggling. You provided such a safe space for me to open up. Thank you! You are a rare gift.


Live the life of your dreams...

Shalvah is a gifted and wise teacher and facilitator who creates a sacred and magical space for you to explore and call forth your deepest truths and most cherished desires in a way that allows you to experience these living within you now, versus as an externalized ideal or goal existing at some point in the future.  Shalvah’s guidance is infused with the energy of love, laughter, and empowerment, instilling confidence that you can live the life of your dreams now!

Kathleen T.
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