Why Your Ego is a Good Thing

It is common in spiritual circles to relate to the ego as “the enemy” or “something we must dissolve”. Perhaps you have heard similar statements made by spiritual aspirants and even some spiritual teachers. Contrastingly, how often have you heard that your ego isn’t something to avoid or destroy, but something to embrace and love?

Here’s the part everyone tells you:

“The role of the ego is to keep you unconscious and in your comfort zone. It works day and night to make sure you stay asleep. The more unconscious you are, the more disempowered and the easier it is to fall off your path. Ultimately, your job is to transcend the ego.”

Sound familiar?

While all of this is true, it’s only half the story.

Here’s the part no one tells you:

The ego is your greatest gift and your most powerful tool for knowing God. Your ego is your physical body, the emotions you take on, the thoughts you entertain, and your sense of “I-am-ness”.

What is “I-am-ness”? It is all the things you choose to identify with, such as the concept of being a mother or father, son or daughter, man or woman, etc. It also includes things like being fat, skinny, ugly, pretty, successful, poor, an so on.

How is that my most powerful tool for knowing God, you ask?

Your ego resonates with an evil inclination since its role is to keep you from waking up. It loves distraction, drama, gossip, and anything that will keep your focus on the external rather than the internal.

The ego is your greatest gift and your most powerful tool for knowing God.
When you see the bigger picture, you understand that evil actually has a secret gift, which is also the true purpose of your ego. As far-fetched as it may sound, evil actually serves a great spiritual purpose.

The evil and darkness in the world and in our own egos exists to ignite our internal light and challenge us to step up to the plate, spiritually speaking.

Simply put, we are put here on this planet to overcome the power of evil so we can evolve spiritually.

twitter2The ego is your greatest gift and your most powerful tool for knowing God.@ShalvahOrah

Your ego is here to be purified, not destroyed. If it were destroyed you would have no body to walk around in and thus no way to share your gifts with the world.

Your ego is a spark of God dancing in the world.

If you don’t see God in all of creation—including your own ego—then you are seeing yourself as separate from God. At the truth of your being, you are one with God.

Your ego is here to be purified, not destroyed.
There is no such thing as separation in the world of the absolute.

In the world of duality, however, we have egos! …and trees, and mountains, and penguins, and cell phones. The beauty is it’s all an aspect of this creation.

Everything carries that spark of beauty—even if we have to dig a few layers deep to find it.

Our role is to amplify the light of God within all of creation, which sets the foundation for enlightenment.

So why create the ego at all? Why not just start awake?

As simple as it sounds, if you were completely conscious and awake, it wouldn’t be any fun. Why? You wouldn’t have the joy of evolving spiritually. You would have no where to go. Think about it. There wouldn’t be duality as we know it. There wouldn’t be a “you” separate from God.

The entire process of merging back into the One would not carry any sweetness because you would not have the contrast of knowing what it was like to feel separate from the One. You wouldn’t be constantly confronted with the choices presented by the world of duality.

When you consciously make choices that are in alignment with God and your divine nature, you grow spiritually.

So how do I relate to my ego?

Your real job is to live in a way that quiets your mind and amplifies your feeling of connectedness to God. Your great task is to flip the switch so Consciousness is guiding the ego (rather than the other way around).

Do you desire to be in right relationship with your ego? Then click here for a free guide on how to get started now.

Eventually you will transcend the ego entirely. We all have that guarantee. Until that moment graces you, find simple ways to love your ego and be kind to it—just remember it’s not the truth of who you are.

Sum & Substance:

  • Your ego is your greatest gift
  • Your ego is your most powerful tool for knowing God
  • Evil has a secret gift
  • See God in all of creation—including your own ego
  • Your ego is here to be purified, not destroyed
  • Eat your greens, be in nature, do yoga/meditation
  • Be kind to your ego, just remember it’s not the truth of who you are

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